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The Drop6 SC Bracelet is a versatile tool that can integrate into your EDC and/or work kit. The cordage was hand selected and tested to be the best performing cordage for multiple uses. Each soft cuff is hand crafted in the USA and attention to each individual piece is taken, to insure you get a top-quality tool.


Storage options are fairly limitless and include being stowed around your wrist as a bracelet, replacement for your useless hoodie drawstrings, in the coin pocket on your jeans that you never use and set up for quick deploy off your belt loops or bags.


This cordage has many uses and can be used for lashing, as a friction saw and anything you may need cordage for. Let your imagination go and think outside the box for fixes and solutions in your everyday.


Cordage Characteristics: The SC is made from an Aramid based fiber with a 1200 lb. tensile strength and a polyurethane coating that protects it from UV damage, increases flexibility, better knot strength and chemical resistance. The cordage will feel like it has a wax coating. The black option is Solution Dyed, and this results in fibers that are fully colored and will weather consistently with each other. This also adds to UV protection and overall feel of the cordage.


*Drop6 SC Bracelets will ship separately from apparel and artwork.


**Allow 1-3 Business days for shipping.


Made in the USA

D/6 SC Bracelet

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