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How could we improve upon a simple shock cord sling retainer? Although our Minimalist Sling has built in retention, we understand that some people like to retain their sling with a bungee at the stock or on the handguard. We didn't want to just throw together another bungee like so many companies do. Instead, we sat down and figured out how to make it better.


The key is a cord lock we found from the ultra-light community. The shock cord comes in from the sides and exits out the center. This fixes the common issue with your knot and extra just hanging down and creating a snag hazard. We also didn't like the idea of an extra plastic hardware piece clamped on to stop the fraying. We've included a precut piece of marine grade adhesive lined heat shrink that will seal the ends and can allow you to run a no knot look if you choose. *We still recommend tying a stopper knot of your choice, but it is not required.


What’s Included:

1 - 1/8" Mil-Spec Shock Cord - 12"

1 - Flat Seating Cord Lock

1 - Marine Grade Adhesive Lind Heat Shrink - 3/4"


We supply you with enough shock cord to go around a SopMod Stock and have enough to tie a knot if you choose to. Some trimming and melting the ends maybe required.


Cord lock is slightly undersized, and the piece of shock cord will come with a taper melt on it to help with passing through the cord lock. One side will be pre-installed to show routing and to help you out.


Heat shrink is semi-permanent, ensure you have the bungee adjusted how you like before installing and sealing.


*D6-SRB will ship separately from apparel and artwork.


**Please allow 1-3 business days to ship.


Made in the USA

D/6 Sling Retaining Bungee (SRB)

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